6 Week Signature Program
Dental Practice by Design
Discover how to have more fun, feel more fulfilled, and make more money in your dental practice!
Taught by Dr. Terri Pukanich, Dental Influencer, Founder & CEO of Dental BossLady

"I created this course to share with you the secrets to creating a profitable practice that runs on autopilot, and is a fun place to work for you and your dental dream-team."
Peak inside this transformative course:
Week 1 – Becoming a Dental BossLady
Week 2 – Secrets to Motivating Your Team
Week 3 – Designing Your Patient Experience
Week 4 – Designing Your Community Impact
Week 5 – Scheduling to Maximize Production
Week 6 – Creating Your Total Vision
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6-week signature program just $2997 $1497!
What people are saying about the course:
"Terri's coaching, the informative content, the format of the course – all of it was just great for me.  I keep going back to watch a video or review notes/content and I continue to pick up more information.  The information was so useful and easy to implement."   
- Dr. Kathleen Murphy,
Jepsen, Murphy & Associates, Colorado
"From this course I have developed a new way to communicate with my team about my vision and set clear expectations so we can all succeed. Terri was so generous with sharing her knowledge, management documents and skills. She is such a role model and I admire how she has found a successful and fulfilling dental career while still having a lot of fun and not taking life too seriously."
- Dr. Krista Maedel,
Rosetown Dental, Rosetown SK
What's included in the course:
hours of engaging video instruction in  short, digestible segments
downloadable templates
6 week Dental Practice by Design Signature Program for Dental BossLadies (total value over $12,000!)
  • Secrets to Insanely effective and efficient team meetings ($1097 Value) 
  • Checklists you can start using tomorrow to ramp up the team performance ($1197 Value)
  • The EXACT formula to develop realistic production goals in your office ($2497 Value)
  •  Done for you Performance Reviews that actually motivate your team ($1497 Value)
  •  BONUS #1: Marketing Tactics      ($2597 Value)
  • BONUS #2: Ultimate New Patient Experience ($1697 Value)
1. Exclusive Course Membership Area
  • Unlimited access to all video training modules
  • Custom fillable workbook exercises
  • Checklists for your team so they exactly what you are expecting from them
  • How-To videos on implementing key systems critical for getting your practice on autopilot
  • Communication guides I use in my own practice to systematize communication among my team
  • Team meeting PowerPoints so that you can lead insanely effective meetings that have purpose
  • Detailed job descriptions
  • Performance review templates that inspire motivation in your team
  • Simple and affordable tips to have more fun in your practice
2. Private Facebook Group just for Dental BossLadies
  • Access to a community of women in dentistry working on transforming their practice
  • Extra motivation, inspiration, and wisdom from the entire community
  • Direct access to Dr. Terri Pukanich – Terri answers questions from dental bossladies directly!
    This course will shorten your 
    DENTAL CEO learning curve by 5-10 years
    • You will know the secrets to adding thousands of dollars of same day dentistry every day.
    • ​You will understand EXACTLY what it takes to be PROFITABLE!!
    • ​You will have more time to work ON the practice not IN thepractice.
    • ​You will know exactly which systems to implement and how sothat your practice runs smoothly.
    • ​You will have a team that listens to you and does exactly whatyou ask of them.
    Why ME?
    I’m Dr. Terri Pukanich, Founder & CEO of Dental BossLady, and total dental NERD... haha but aren’t we all?? 

    I lead a 5 Million dollar dental practice with 17 treatment rooms and a Dental Dream team that runs like a well oiled machine and we have fun doing it!

    Online coach to hundreds and soon to be thousands of women, I’ve invested over a million dollars on coaching and I've become an implementation master!  
    And I’m here to guide you to amazing results you desire in your dental practice too! I’m sharing all the secrets I learned that have catapulted me into the top 1% of practices in North America.
    What people are saying about Dr. Terri Pukanich 
    "Simply put, I like being a part of a profession that has a Dr. Terri Pukanich in it. Someone who leads passionately by example, without ego... with a genuine desire to make everyone around her lead their best personal and professional life." 
      - Dr Andrea Dernisky
    "I have considered many different coaching services in the past, but they all failed to be relatable. Dr. Pukanich, a fellow practicing general dentist and owner of her practice, has personally gone through all the struggles and frustrations that we all have experienced over the years, and is now able to share the secrets of her success."
     - Dr Dima Oweis
    "What an amazing gift you are offering for your peers! 

    "The profession needs more dentists like you. Keep up the amazing work and gift of sharing your knowledge with others."

    - Dr. Murray Knebel
    CEO & Founder of Sierra Dental Group
    Q: Is there a Payment Plan?
    A: OMG Yes!!! Email me at terri@dentalbosslady.com and we can set that up just for you!

    Q: I’m afraid I won’t have time to do the modules - how much time do I need to invest?
    A: I get it girl!! I’m a full time practicing dentist too!! I want to assure you that I designed this course around your busy lifestyle. In fact in the Orientation module I will walk you through step by step how you are going to create more time in your schedule to enable you to get through this course! Remember this: To get things you’ve never had - you must do things you’ve never done (my Favourite quote by the way) . Plus the modules are specifically designed to be digested in short, to the point chunks.  

    Q: Is this course just for me or does my team have to listen too?
    A: This course if JUST FOR YOU - it is YOUR practice - you need to design it. They won’t be involved until the very end and don’t worry - we will pre-plan together what their involvement will be and when exactly it will happen. 

    Q: I am terrible at implementation - I’m afraid I won’t be able to put what I learn into real practice. 
    A: This course is like no other. I made this course intentionally so you wouldn’t feel overwhelmed. It is laser focused on exactly what you need. I am not offering hundreds of downloadable forms. It’s not 47 weeks long. It’s not “focused” on the bazillion systems that run a practice. This course is the only course out there that is specifically designed to address your biggest frustrations: Team, Money and TIME.

    Q: What do I need to have in place before signing up?
    A: The ONE thing you need is a desire to change your current situation. That’s it. If you are frustrated, burnt out, anxious or depressed and want to stay in that FUNK...this course is NOT for you! If you want to build a dream practice - then you’re in the right place! 

    Q: Can you Guarantee specific results?
    A: I’ve been where you are. On the verge of making a huge investment in my practice. And I knew it was up to me to actually implement what I had been taught. I love this course so much and believe so deeply in the principles I am teaching because I have walked the walk. So I can’t guarantee results because that is totally up to you and how well you apply what you learn.
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